Health Insurance Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket can be a hefty splurge for some but we like to think of it as an investment to enhance your sleep and mood — which ultimately trickles down to your overall well being and relationships.

Let’s put it this way… what is the real cost to you for losing sleep and waking up disgruntled and tired, hitting that snooze button for the first, second or third time?!

Or you can think of the cost of our weighted blanket as approximately 83 cups of coffee.

Either way, we are here because we believe everyone deserves a solid rest every night. And companies and health medical insurance providers are recognizing that, so a weighted blanket could very well be covered by your plan.

Here’s how you can find out:

Often considered as a medical equipment or sleep aid, check under the Wellness Benefits section or give your provider a call. It may also be tax deductible.

Straight up ask your HR Manager. You can even let them know you are having trouble sleeping or find it a challenge to relax and unwind after a hectic day at work, and make a suggestion to see if you can expense it.

Many companies support their employee’s health by providing in-house yoga programs, gym memberships, economical chairs and desks, so why not a weighted blanket!

If you are covered, always find out what you need to provide for a valid claim, including any limitations.

Does your doctor or therapist need to write a medical necessity note or prescription for a weighted blanket?

How will you get reimbursed? It could be as easy as submitting your receipt.

Every health benefits plan is different and things are always changing so it’s best to check the details.

Please be aware that we cannot file an insurance claim on your behalf but we can provide proof of purchase.

Let us know if your medical benefits or employer can cover weighted blankets!

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