Weighted Blanket Kids

Absolutely yes!

Our blankets are like hugs and our minky covers are actually made with what is known as the ‘cuddle fabric’. Children over 40 lbs (18 kg) especially those with sensory processing disorder (SPD), autism, ADHD and anxiety or just anyone who needs that extra squeeze can greatly benefit.

My son, CJ is always asking us to wrap him up like a burrito. At first we thought it was a fun game, a nod to those first few months as a swaddled newborn but we soon realized it was the cozy sensation of being closely held, that he craved.

It allowed him to self-soothe and basically chill out without me being there. Which is a BIG DEAL… because anyone that knows CJ can tell you that he’s four and a force to be reckoned with! He’s curious, rambunctious, high energy and has had a full agenda since day one.

Last year we traveled for 6 months and had to leave his ‘big burrito blanket’ behind. CJ requested we pile pillows on him and sometimes he slept with two duvets.

That’s when we had our aha moment, weight = relaxation, comfort and it sparks joy!

Having stayed in over 30 hotels and Airbnbs, we conducted our own experimental research, trying out all sorts of sleeping arrangements and blankets. We quickly discovered that wrapping CJ up in heavier blankets had quite a positive impact on his mood and quality of sleep! Which makes sense because when we are held, our body releases happy hormones — such as serotonin and melatonin, that helps us relax and prep for a night of deep sleep.

Upon returning home from our jet-setting adventures, we began sourcing a well designed ‘burrito blanket’ to share with the world. CJ and his friends loved being our first testers.

Here’s what we noted after the first month of using a weighted blanket…

  • it’s great for self soothing!
  • winding down from an active day has become much easier
  • transiting to bed time has also become less of a nagging ritual – he looks forward to story time and cuddling with the blanket!
  • rolling up and placing the blanket on CJ’s lap helps with restlessness and he’s able to sit for longer periods
  • sleep interruption are minimized – CJ would call out for us twice a night, now it’s once and often he’s able to sleep a solid 9 hours
  • which means waking up less grumpy and more refreshed!
  • it’s an excellent calming tool – we don’t do time-outs but we do encourage CJ to hide under his blanket instead and come out when he’s ready
  • less irritability and anxiety overall
  • he sometimes sleeps-in on the weekends. Rejoice!

We’ll love for your family to try out our weighted blankets and tell us what you think! But don’t say we didn’t warn you, they may not want to get out of bed at all.


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