As entrepreneurs and parents to a rambunctious little boy, we know sleep is the new luxury!

While we have always invested in a quality mattress and 800 thread count sheets, we were missing an important link to getting a consistently deep, uninterrupted sleep.

It wasn’t until we spent a year traveling in 2018 that we noticed a big difference — depending on the type of bedding at the hotels, our sleep quality tossed and turned between just okay to great.

When we finally made the connection to weighted blankets and better sleep success, we knew it was time to source a well designed blanket that we can share with the world. That fuelled the inspiration behind Sleep Sparrow.

The spiritual meaning of sparrow is joy, comfort, simplicity and friendship. And that is the experience we strive in delivering to you and your family with our blankets.

Leave the rest to us.

Wendy, Geoff and CJ